Application Development Company in New YorkWe are Applied Visions, an application development company in New York. You might wonder why we are in New York, and not in some low-cost far-away place. It’s because unlike many other development companies, we believe that the business of your application comes before the code. Technology shouldn’t dictate what you do; the requirements of your business and your users should dictate how your application turns out. In order for us to truly understand and appreciate the business needs of our customers – and of their customers – we need to be close by.

We believe that the only way to keep the whims of developers from overwhelming business goals when creating applications is through continual focus on the user, and revenue-centric project (and product) management. By holding fast to this principle, we have been able to create successful business applications and software products for a number of successful companies since 1987.

Our successes as a New York-based application development company

Applied Visions is based in Northport, New York, allowing us to work easily with companies on Long Island, in New York City, and in the Tri-state area. We also have a development office in Clifton Park, near Albany. Because of our locations, much of our business is done in the New York area.

Frankly, a lot of our clients come to us after they have been burned interacting with offshore development companies that have created sub-par code without any reference to their users’ needs, or to their client’s business goals.

Those clients had come to the realization – the hard way – that creating world-class applications requires more than just coders, it requires businesspeople with a deep understanding of your customers, your needs and theirs, and user experiences. Likewise, they are discovering that not all coders are the same, and a well-managed team of seasoned software engineers can accomplish greater things – often faster – than lower-priced competitors.

Advantages of working with experienced application developers

Users are particular when it comes to their applications these days, and most applications are tested by users before they commit to using (and buying) them. If you don’t pass the “will this actually work for me” test, often in the first few minutes of use, those potential customers will keep looking, and your application will not meet its full market potential.

Even if you are creating an application for internal use, the last thing you want is to spend time, money, and a great deal of effort building something that your people can’t (or won’t) use. Companies often need and rely on custom, proprietary applications to streamline their work processes or grow their businesses. Unfortunately, when businesses are creating systems for themselves, they tend to be especially vulnerable to “feature creep” and bad decisions. For this reason it is essential to have development experts providing advice, and helping with decisions based on experience helping others.

We believe that when you work with developers who have deep experience in different platforms and tools, and who are always expanding their skills, then your technology choices and design approaches can be made based primarily on the basis of your user’s satisfaction, and on the marketability of your product, rather than on just the skills of your developers.

In short, if you want to create a truly great application, working with Applied Visions simply makes sense.

Are you creating an application? If so, we may be able to help ensure that it does what you require it to. Contact us for more information.