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You need to build a software application. Now what?

A manager’s guide to creating customer-focused software.

This guide answers 7 critical questions every business manager needs to know

  • How do you define your customers?

  • How do you understand what your customers want from your application?

  • How do you ensure your customers will like your application?

  • What kind of team do you need?

  • Commercial considerations–what kind of application should you build?

  • What are the cost requirements?

  • How long will it take?

After reading this guide, you will know what it takes to lead a software development effort, even (and especially) if software isn’t your main business.

You will be able to spot the most common mistakes before they can hurt you, and lead your team with more confidence.

This guide is “lean” — it only focuses on what you really need to know about successful software development, written by a CEO whose company has developed hundreds of successful applications. It’s about a 30-minute read.

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Frank Zinghini
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This white paper is authored by Frank Zinghini, founder and CEO of Applied Visions, Inc., which creates custom software applications for the cloud, mobile, desktops, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Frank has been creating software for decades and has managed hundreds of developers who have created award-winning business and consumer applications for companies worldwide. Now he is sharing his knowledge with you.
This free white paper will help you create revenue-generating applications that users want to use again and again.

More Answers You’ll Find in this Guide

  • How to build and lead a technical team
  • The different types of developers and which ones to use when
  • The truth about software development costs and how much you should expect to pay
  • What you need to know before you can take your application to market
  • When you should pay attention to what your programmers are recommending – and when you shouldn’t
  • How to make valid technical decisions
  • How to weigh the invariable tradeoffs​
  • How to price your product
  • How long you can expect it to take
  • The process of making your application attractive to users​
  • Figuring out which platform you should choose for development
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