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Usability is key for desktop and kiosk applications.

People still sit at computers or walk up to kiosks, to get their work done, be entertained, or accomplish a task. Like mobile users, speed is important to these customers. They don’t want to wait while the computer grinds. Your application has to make optimum use of the operating platform, hardware and memory, and integrate successfully with other applications.

Special Considerations

  • UI design is critical

  • Create a user model

Best ideas…

Best ideas…

If you’re creating a desktop or kiosk application, interviewing actual end users and observing them as they interact with your UI design is critical to ensuring that your app is designed well. But it’s often hard to get access to the people who will use your product. Our clients often aren’t the users—their customers are.

A lot of companies have a favorite customer, or their most helpful customer who is willing to work with them. If you can, get some time with them. But you also need to consider whether they are a representative sample. Also, getting access to their customers might mean you’re impinging on the time of their customers. So be sensitive to that balance.

You may not always get to interact with the specific users, but if you can find someone with a representative background, that can be very helpful as well. Create a user model to understand who the typical user is and what their challenges are, then identify people who fit that model and recruit them for user testing.

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