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We have long since entered the age of the Internet of Things (or IoT for short). Devices that at one time would not even be computerized are now expected to demonstrate awareness of their surroundings through their connection to other devices, and to the cloud. Everyday objects are forming networks. Embedded software development is now a challenge that many businesses must face.

Companies in industries ranging from industrial products to transportation and even consumer products are expected to be able to design software and engineer for the Internet of Things. What’s more, embedded software development is a multi-disciplinary field spanning electronics, mechanical, and software engineering, and it’s an incredibly complicated technical discipline.

Software Design Solutions – Our partner in embedded software development

This is why Applied Visions Inc. has acquired Software Design Solutions, now our embedded systems partner. We recognize that embedded software development needs to be part of what a full-spectrum software engineering firm can do for clients. At the same time, we recognize that embedded software development requires experts – in both creating embedded software and doing it in a fashion that makes sense and fulfills business goals.

Software Design Solutions was founded in 2003. They have developed embedded systems for a number of different industries including medical, industrial automation and control, audio and image signal processing, transportation, retail, networking, defense, security, and consumer devices. They have done incredible work in this field at a time when IoT was little more than a buzzword, and experts were scarce.

We are very happy to be teamed with Software Design Solutions. They, and their founder and Director of Embedded Systems Engineering Ed Kuzemchak, share our philosophy that good software is about a lot more than just code. It’s about being responsible with the money of the company that’s paying for it. It’s about delivering on a promise to clients, while meeting their business goals.

If you want to work with Software Design Solutions on an embedded software development project, please check out their site. And if you have questions about working with Software Design Solutions, don’t hesitate to call us at (631) 759 3900.