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John Chen Memorial Scholarship

Applied Visions has created the John Chen Memorial Scholarship fund. John was a prominent member of the Hicksville community, and to honor the school his sons attended, the scholarship will benefit a graduating Hicksville High School student who demonstrates the academic and personal potential to excel in mathematics and computer science, and who needs financial support to realize his or her full potential in college.

With great honor, Hicksville Public Schools held an award ceremony for their senior class on June 4, 2018. Among those awardees were the winners of the John Chen Memorial Scholarship.  The winners are:


Caroline Hoang
Esther Kim
Carlos Leon Mendez
Ryan Willett

Congratulations on your achievement!


Quite a night … Carlos is going to Nassau Community for Mathematics. He’s just been in the country from El Salvador two years ago. Caroline the girl in black and white is going to Columbia for computer science. Esther Kim is going to RIT for computer science. The fourth recipient, Ryan, did not come by. The event was well attended. Both the students and their parents were very appreciative of the scholarship.  Kevin Cranion of Nielsen was also there to show his support.” — Caroline Chen

In Memory of John Chen

Some time ago, we sadly lost John Chen—a longtime member of the AVI family. Though he fought with grit and determination for many years, John lost his battle with cancer in September 2017. He will be sorely and deeply missed by the many of us whose lives he touched. He is survived by his wife Caroline, and sons Nick and Kevin.

John was a part of the Applied Visions team for more than twenty years. Over the course of his time with us, John’s brilliance, wit, warm heart, and generous spirit helped build our company—and our company’s culture of compassion. John personally mentored and nurtured countless engineers both here at AVI, and for our clients as well. His patience and intelligence helped shape several generations of developers, and his kind and careful guidance are part of his legacy.