Load and Route Evaluation for
Dismounted Operations


Plan your Mission in photo-realistic environments giving you the edge in analysis of world wide terrain and weather data.

LAREDO is based on advanced terrain reasoning, and visualization technology adapted from the computer gaming market. LAREDO will provide route planners with an unprecedented level of situational awareness, identifying routes and concomitant planning factors in 3D along with accurate National Geospatial Agency (NGA) terrain and feature data.

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Key Benefits

Faster training

Built with computer gaming technology LAREDO’s look and feel is second nature to today’s generation of warfighters; they get hands-on right away and learn quickly.

Enhanced situational awareness

Move the 3D viewpoint anywhere in the theater, select waypoints, calculate lines of sight, and quickly consider course of action alternatives.

“What-if” support

Allow for hypothetical situation planning using time-distance calculations, travel constraints such as day/night, road type, weather, exclusion areas, choke points, and desired arrival times.


LAREDO runs on standard commercial-grade laptops and desktops while making use of maximum use of open-source software tools, including the Delta-3D game engine.

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LAREDO was first developed under DARPA SBIR Topic A11-129.