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CEOs Guide to creating great software

You need to build a software application. Now what?
What should you do? How should you do it? What should you look out for? This guide will help you spot the most common pitfalls and avoid them. Advice you won’t find elsewhere.

Applied Visions Inc. was founded in 1987 by Frank Zinghini. Since then, we’ve grown into a family of companies, including Jybe Mobile and Software Design Solutions. We blend our substantial experience in software development with our knowledge of how to make an application that actually makes money.

Mobile Apps Developers

Mobile application development company

Apps run our lives now. The term “app” has only been ubiquitous since around 2010, so many business folks have not yet grasped their full importance, yet as any iPhone or Android user can attest, the ability to make a successful app can set your business apart. Applied Visions Inc. is a software development company which has many decades of software and business experience, including extensive knowledge of mobile applications. As long as we’ve been around, we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of what customers want.

Why mobile apps

Your customers are mobile, you should be too

Google reports that more than half of all searches are now done on mobile devices. But even more importantly, whatever application you want to create – even one that isn’t “natively” or “exclusively” mobile – must be accessible via a mobile device. It’s just expected today. So even the desktop and definitely the web and cloud applications we develop need to be optimized for mobile access. Mobile is no longer something different, it’s just another window into your product or services that your customers expect to have.

Visitor experience with Mobile Applications

It’s not enough that the application is “responsive,” which only means that the application can sense and adjust to whatever device it’s being displayed on. It needs to operate smoothly and intuitively as a mobile app. Buttons need to be large enough for touch activation; navigation needs to be dead easy and next-step logical; and the app has to be fast. Mobile users won’t tolerate a slow app. And a mobile device isn’t always connected to the Internet: would your customers be OK with not being able to use your product while the train goes through a tunnel?

Mobile applications for business

Mobile apps also require some rethinking. They should be action-oriented. Users expect to be able to do something. Mobile users are intense, distracted, and pushed for time. They operate with purpose. Again, the whole point is to develop an app that your customers will want to use.

It’s not enough to have an app. You need an app that takes into account who your customers are, how they behave, and what they want to do. Call us at (631) 759-3900 and our mobile apps developers can build you software that fulfills your business and revenue goals.