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We're a team of business leaders, software developers, marketers, and finance experts committed to accelerating the growth of technology companies through capital investment and support resources.

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Our Approach

AVI Ventures was founded on three key principles:

Great people with great ideas deserve a chance at success.

We’re here to support the intrepid few who are passionate about entrepreneurship and have a billion-dollar idea, but lack access to capital and necessary resources to execute their vision.

When you become one of us, you deserve to get all of us.

We are very selective with those we work with because we believe our portfolio companies deserve all the time and attention required to achieve their dream outcome.

Our values are everything to us. They're our guiding light for all we do.

Our word is all we have. AVI Ventures is built on the values of honesty, respect, and equality. Those values are reflected on how we treat our portfolio companies, partners, investors, and acquirers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer capital and joint ventures opportunities to potential portfolio companies. Regardless of the terms, all portfolio companies get unlimited access to our full team of experts.
Click "Apply for Funding" and fill out the form. Our team will review your submission and reach out as needed.
We invest primarily in seed stage companies and the level of investment depends on a variety of factors including size of market, potential growth, existing capital, among criteria.
We currently focus on investments in North America, but our investment network extends to continents worldwide.
We have a proven track record of demonstrating growth in our portfolio companies. We work closely with you to develop your brand story, messaging, and go-to-market strategy. We’ll help you assemble your internal team and provide guidance on a hiring plan to ensure you’re bringing on the right resources at the right time. We’ll also provide access to our extensive network of high-level executives in the sectors we invest in.