Long Island satellite view

Applied Visions is proud to call Long Island home. The region is rich in cultural and technological history, and CEO and President Frank Zinghini is a native Long Islander who has spent his career helping local companies grow their businesses with custom software applications.

At 188 miles in length, Long Island is the longest island adjoining the contiguous United States. The area was originally home to a number of Native American tribes, and today there are two federally protected Native American reservations on the island, where people can come and experience seasonal festivals.

The English and Dutch were among the first Europeans to arrive on Long Island, and in 1664 the area came under British rule. Later on, the gorgeous north shore of Long Island attracted affluent Americans and Europeans, and their luxurious homes earned the area its “Gold Coast” nickname. The bulk of Long Island, however, was dominated by agriculture and harvesting the surrounding waters.

Long Island was the cradle of the aviation industry: Charles Lindbergh captivated the world when he launched his famous flight from Mitchell Field, but the seeds had already been planted by the founding of the Gumman and Republic aviation companies. Those two innovators would go on to help win World War II by building tens of thousands of aircraft. The face of Long Island was forever changed by the influx of workers to feed the war effort and by the web of small businesses that sprung up to supply them with everything from fasteners to packing materials. Then followed the return of war veterans, looking to restart their lives outside the city, and the nation’s first suburb supplanted Long Island’s farmland.

Northport, NY - Main St. view

Long Island’s technology base grew as aviation became more complex in the jet age and as the space race took off. In 1969, the world watched in wonder as the first humans set foot on the moon, having landed in a craft designed and built in Bethpage, Long Island.

Montauk lighthouse on Long Island

As the defense industry waned on Long Island in the 1980’s, technology moved in to fill the void. Companies such as Symbol Technologies (inventor of the barcode scanner) and Computer Associates (enterprise software) grew to dominate their fields. Many smaller businesses transformed from aerospace suppliers to commercial technology innovators. Breakthroughs in imaging, medical devices, transportation, communication, and more came from here. Today, Applied Visions is part of a thriving community of small to mid-sized firms creating new opportunities with digital technology.

As a tech company specializing in custom software application development, we are proud of the highly skilled team we have built here in Long Island. Our team has a deep and broad skill set, encompassing all aspects of the software development life cycle—UX and UI Design, user journey mapping, prototyping, custom coding, application security, quality assurance, and beyond. We have experience in mobilewebcloud, and IoT applications, and we have worked on many successful projects with companies on Long Island and around the country.

Long Island is also home to some of the best public and private schools in the country, including Stony Brook University, where Frank earned his BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS degree in Computer Science. As a testament to his dedication to his hometown and education, Applied Visions supports the Stony Brook College of Engineering and Applied Sciences through a student scholarship fund and sponsorship of events such as hackathons. Frank also serves on the Industry Advisory Board for the department of Computer Science.

Stony Brook University

Our dedicated engineers, researchers, product specialists, and designers have called Long Island home for nearly 30 years from our headquarters in Northport village. We are proud of the work we’ve done on delivering innovative software solutions tailor-made to our clients’ business needs. We look forward to working on projects with other local companies to continue our commitment to growing the Long Island economy and keeping the region a top area for technology and innovation.