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The CEO's guide to making software your customers will love

You will know how to lead a software development effort, even (and especially) if software isn’t your main business.
You will be able to spot the most common mistakes before they can hurt you, and lead your team with more confidence.

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Outsourcing your mobile app development? Avoid these 5 mistakes

In the digital age, mobile apps are an engaging and intuitive way to reach consumers. If your business is choosing to outsource application creation, it is important to choose the right development company. A team of six to 10 people can spend at least six months...

Writing good code with your developers

When you are working with a team of developers, it’s important to begin the project with an understanding of the standards you will be setting to determine what kind of code is best for the project. Writing good code is your priority, and will obviously separate you from your less-experienced competitors.