Develop, design, secure, market, and sell something amazing.

Build a digital business, not just a digital product.

It’s not that hard to build digital products today. But building a digital business — and one that stands out — is a different animal. It’s simply not good enough to be “good” anymore.

We’ll help build a successful digital business that features a must-have product, differentiated positioning, compelling messaging, and engaging go-to-market strategy.

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Making an impact on the software industry for 30+ years

Applied Visions Inc. (AVI) has been building software for more than 30 years. Over the past three decades, we’ve had a front row seat to software’s seismic impact on the way we live and do business.

We’ve also watched software products in most industries become more saturated and commoditized every year. That’s why we pride ourselves on being renegades in the software industry by building businesses, not just products.

We help our clients dramatically improve their chances of developing, launching, and marketing a winning software product by doing things differently.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies — from Fortune 100 giants to pre-seed startups — find their inner renegades and ask themselves, “how do we become a purple diamond in a market full of black squares?”

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Ready to differentiate your business?

The cold hard truth is that any company can build a digital product today. For a while, that was enough to differentiate a business — but those days are long gone.

Almost all companies have some way of doing business digitally, but renegade companies know they need to think more deeply about how to truly differentiate themselves in a remarkably competitive and unforgiving business environment.

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What we do

UX/UI Design

Design is a lot more than colors and fonts.

As user expectations continue to rise, it’s crucial for your business to create digital experiences that are user-friendly, visually appealing, and optimized for all devices. Our Design team takes a user-focused approach to create experiences that stand out and connect with your target market to help you achieve your business goals.

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Business Strategy

Define, manage, and meet your goals.

A well-designed digital product is only as successful as the strategy driving it. That’s why our Business Strategists and Product Managers focus on delivering engaging, impactful customer experiences—because those experiences drive engagement, conversion, and growth.

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Branding & Marketing

Create and capture demand from ideal customers.

The companies winning today are running a new marketing playbook—one built around a solid foundation of positioning demand creation, and demand capture. Our Marketing team will help you build and execute a marketing game plan that helps you find, engage, and sell to your ideal customers.

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QA & Testing

Test, test, and test again

Why settle for amateur testing when you could have a professional QA team on your side? With our team of experienced experts, you can be confident that your product will meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Let us put your product to the test and help you achieve your goals.

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Software Development

Build products that make an impact on your market.

Our Development team builds differentiated products that power digital businesses. It’s not good enough anymore to just build a software product and say you’re a tech company. We’ll help you build products that serve a niche, make an impact, and build revenue.

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Bring security to the forefront from the start.

Our Security and Compliance team tackles some of the most complex security challenges for global enterprises in healthcare, government, business services, financial institutions, and more. We’ll build a security strategy that drives results, improves regulatory compliance, and reduces risk for your business.

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Startup Acceleration

We work with pre-seed and seed stage startups to build their MVP and beyond, develop marketing and go-to-market strategies, and provide guidance and introductions for future funding. Our venture arm — AVI Ventures — also strategically invests in high-growth startups.

Digital Transformation

Every business deserves a chance to thrive in the digital world. We help traditionally non-tech companies add the technology they need to grow their business for the decades to come. We work as a partner with our clients to help them design, develop, launch, and market their technology products.

Path to Commercialization

AVI has unique experience helping SBIRs commercialize and transition their technology for sale in the private sector. Our Pathway to Commercialization program helps you refine your product, find product market fit, and build your marketing strategy.

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Hear from our customers

Our customers are the heart of our business, and we love sharing their feedback and success stories through our testimonials. We believe that hearing from happy customers is the best way to show the value of our services and build trust with potential customers. Our testimonials are real stories from real people, and they show just how committed we are to making our customers happy. So take a look and see for yourself how we can help you achieve your goals!

“AVI combines excellent technology with an excellent business model, going above and beyond traditional design and development.”

Wayne Nemeth

Strategic Advisor, TouchCode

“At the end of the day, I don’t see AVI as developers or programmers.
They are developing business solutions, and to do that, they’ve understood our objectives and helped us think through the business problem.

VP of Technology, BloomNet

AVI is much more than a development firm. Their approach to supporting our overall business goals have instrumental in our growth. Our development lead has been the same person for the past 5 years, which helps us stay on track with our product roadmap and overall software goals. Ongoing support has also been excellent.

CTO, MealTrack

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