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The most successful companies in any market today are always seeking new ways to stand out and be different.

We’ll help you become a purple diamond in a market full of black squares and demonstrate true differentiation from your competitors.

We do this by not just thinking outside the box, but tossing the box out the window. By never settling for less than your business deserves.

By building a digital business, not a digital product.

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It takes more than a developer or two to build a digital business.

From business strategy and marketing to development and security (and everything in between), our team works together from Day 1 to make sure no stone is left unturned when building your unique digital business.

The AVI Difference

Applied Visions

  • Project defined by a business opportunity
  • Builds positioning into the product strategy from Day 1
  • Builds go-to-market strategy in from Day 1 to warm up your target audience and create demand in advance of product release
  • Joins product design with marketing design from Day 1 to bring a seamless feel from pre-customer to customer stages
  • Incorporates security from Day 1 to limit potential risk of vulnerabilities, development slowdowns, and expensive patching

Typical Development Firm

  • Project defined by the technology
  • Positioning is left to the customer and is not a top priority
  • Go-to-market strategy is left to the customer and typically doesn’t start until after product delivery
  • Marketing design is left to the customer and typically does not fit seamlessly together with product
  • Security is often an afterthought

We’ll get it right the first time.

Have a broken application? Coming off an unsuccessful product launch? Never got that idea off the ground?

This typically happens when you use piecemeal approach that involves too many different vendors or internal departments.

They don’t talk to each other. They don’t know what each other are doing. They don’t have continuity.

That’s why AVI is built differently.

We do it all. Business strategy, UX/UI design, product development, marketing, and security all under one roof. We put our reputation on the line with every product we take on. Failure is not an option.

Experience what The AVI Difference — and success —feels like.

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The AVI Manifesto

AVI is focused on helping you achieve success by thinking differently.

  • 1. Be anything but boring

    We believe that the greatest sin for a software product is to be boring and not solve a business problem in an innovative way — to be just another black checkmark in a world full of black checkmarks.

  • 2. Seek originality

    We believe that an inside-the-box solution will result in uninspiring results — commoditization, limited (and expensive) customer acquisition, and ultimately failure. Competition is too high, and markets are too oversaturated to not be inspiring and move your customers to act.

  • 3. Find your potential

    We believe every company can demonstrate true differentiation and offer unique positioning to the market. It’s our job to pull it out and maximize it.

  • 4. Solve targeted problems

    We believe that every product needs to be built around a niche and a very specific problem — not to create a product and then find the market fit. That’s a road to mediocrity.

  • 5. Tackle pre-marketing

    We believe that you need to pre-market your product to warm up your target audience and create demand well before you actually launch your product.

  • 6. Bring security into the light

    We believe that security needs to be at the forefront of any product we build.

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