Business Strategy

A well-designed digital product is only as successful as the strategy driving it. That’s why we focus on delivering engaging, impactful customer experiences—because those experiences drive engagement, conversion, and growth.

Our team spends significant time and effort in the product discovery and planning phase. Here, we dig deep to know your business, your competitors, your customers, and the overall market landscape so we can develop ongoing strategies for success.
Armed with these insights, we shift into strategy and implementation. This starts by presenting our findings, including:

  • Initial recommendations
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various product decisions
  • Resources needed
  • Preliminary timelines, by product

All stakeholders are aligned around core objectives and expectations.

The reality? There’s no “one size fits all” in digital product design and development—and that’s why product management and strategic planning are key. While some clients may require custom software, others may require integration planning of existing products, and so on.

Our product management experts ensure your dedicated AVI team is built to support your unique business and can dive in anytime, driving meaningful, measurable results from Day 1.

Our Capabilities

Customer Profiling

Competitive Analysis

Customer Journey Mapping

Profitability Analysis

Research & Trend Reporting

Timing & Implementation Planning

Systems & Infrastructure Analysis

Product Roadmaps

Project Management

Business Strategy

Our Approach

Product Vision

We start by listening and gathering information to get a macro and micro view of your business. We need to understand why you want to develop your software or digital product before we build it to make sure it meets your key business goals.

Commitment & Collaboration

Every new project starts with a strategy and discovery series to review goals, budgets, resources, and hurdles. With these insights in mind, we’ll assemble your AVI project team, tapping into in-house strategists, designers, developers, and product managers to map out a simple, strategic path to a dynamic new digital productand exceptional customer experience. 

Improved Efficiency & ROI

AVI’s business solutions touch every stage of the digital product lifecycle, enabling us to serve a broad range of industries and niches.  

That said, no two clients are the same—that’s why we never apply a cookie-cutter approach to our strategies or recommendations.  

 During the discovery period, we’re focused on delivering for your unique business, with an eye on targeted solutions designed to yield the best returns fast. Sometimes it’s a top-down custom build. Other times it’s optimizing what you already have in place. Either way, we’ll dig in together, helping you jumpstart development, testing, and optimize your go-to-market strategy.  

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