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See how we’ve made a difference by designing impactful digital products that improve business. We work with clients in a variety of industries and of different sizes. They all have one commonality, though — to be differentiated by building a digital business.

Planet Fitness

Updated Mobile App Experience

Planet Fitness didn’t have much of a digital presence beyond their website, and they wanted to modernize their business. Existing solutions weren’t cutting it, so they partnered with Applied Visions to develop a fully custom mobile app experience that drives engagement and adds top-line revenue.


Connected packaging technology

Applied Visions partnered with Touchcode to completely overhaul their main product, a patented, unique smart-ink technology for retail packaging. This collaboration resulted in the architecture and applications that have helped countless retailers connect with their customers digitally.


Leading floral and gift industry provider

BloomNet had a big problem: they have countless retail florists in their network, and managing local deliveries for that many separate businesses was extremely difficult. Applied Visions partnered with BloomNet to integrate a combination of custom and existing software into their main software, so they can manage everything in one place.

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