Our Security and Compliance team tackles some of the most complex security challenges for global enterprises in healthcare, government, business services, financial institutions, and more. We’ll build a security strategy that drives results, improves regulatory compliance, and reduces risk for your business.

Core Security & Compliance Considerations

During our discovery period, we explore several key elements. Together, these insights help determine the right security measures aligned with the latest standards and easily facilitate expanded operations as your organization scales.
Security services, compliance, and capabilities have accelerated, and the level of complexity for digital solutions as companies grow and scale can prove challenging. Our ongoing maintenance and monitoring services ensure you stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory updates and security practices allowing you to maintain reliability and dependability for your customers.

No matter what your compliance and regulatory needs are, AVI offers comprehensive solutions to keep your data safe and protected.

More than ever, you need to protect your organization and customer data. A single data breach costs an enterprise, on average, $4.35 million in everything from lost revenue to new security systems to widespread customer communications and damages.

Hackers are getting smarter—and we want our customers to avoid the sky-high costs that follow cyber attackers. To do this, we explore all potential vulnerabilities and threats, targeting your industry, technology, data stores, and beyond.

Our Capabilities

Security & Compliance Auditing

Cloud Security Architecture

Code Review & Application Security Testing

Data Management

Security & Maintenance Training

Monitoring & Regulatory Updates

Compliance Assessments for HIPPA

Compliance Assessments for Governmental Agencies

Our Approach

Data Secured

We’re well-versed in creating data infrastructures that protect your business’s most sensitive information and customers’ privacy. We design and develop all digital architectures to meet today’s privacy and security needs with the flexibility to adapt and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Global Compliance Standards

Privacy rules can vary by country and by state. Our security and privacy standards for all digital frameworks and products are designed to meet best practices. They are built to comply with industry-specific standards such as HIPAA or government privacy policies.

Cloud Infrastructures

As part of our cloud security and systems operations diagnostic, we will assess the health of your data warehousing processes, identify areas of strength, weakness, and source opportunities to expand revenue generation while maintaining high privacy standards.

Code reviews, application security testing, security training services, and cloud security planning are all standard practices at AVI.

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