QA & Testing

Most people don’t remember when software works correctly, but everyone remembers when it crashes. QA is a key part of software development and maintenance, but it’s often neglected or de-prioritized. We maintain meticulous QA standards for the software we develop—and can help you run quality assurance tests on yours, too.

Manual testing

Software is developed to achieve a specific goal, and even when developers are working with an incredibly talented product management team, users’ perspective can get lost in the shuffle. One of the services we provide is a series of deep manual tests, all to determine how your end user will interact with your software. We’ll identify any pain points your software might introduce to an average user, find any potential flaws in the user experience, make sure it meets your requirements, and ensure that your core audience can easily adopt your platform as seamlessly as possible.


Remote automation and API testing

Software is where form and function collide. There’s a user interface that’s typically how someone will interact with it, but there’s also a ton of backend functions that nobody sees. We can help ensure that your APIs continue running smoothly by performing thorough tests, at scale through automation.


Performance, stability, and responsiveness checks

It’s not enough for software to run properly; it needs to run smoothly, consistently, and responsively. When users’ expectations aren’t met in these regards, they’re more likely to stop using it and find an alternative solution, even if that solution is a mix of several other platforms. We’ll thoroughly test your software to make sure it can consistently run smoothly and responsively, so your users don’t get frustrated and look elsewhere.


Analyses of developers’ weaknesses

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and an objective assessment of where you can improve is invaluable. That can be hard to find from within an organization, where coworkers’ personal biases can get in the way of objectivity. Well, we can provide an honest assessment of your developers’ weaknesses or other areas where they can improve. Based on nothing more than the output that they produce, our testing will reveal the most common types of errors, bugs, vulnerabilities, or other weaknesses that your development team introduces into your software, so they can take a real look at where they should focus their efforts for improvement.

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