Walgreens turns to digital transformation to enhance the customer experience

Walgreens Boots Alliance (BTA) is partnering with tech giants Microsoft and Adobe to capture valuable customer data in order to create a more engaging experience for customers. The move comes in response to the company’s recent struggles to compete in the pharmacy marketplace. 

New tools will provide customers with a personalized landing page and push notifications on relevant products such as vitamins to create the kind of experience customers have come to expect. The company also hopes these digital tools will lead to increased sales. 

Digital transformation is a topic we have written about in the past and devoted extra attention to in the post-pandemic world. Now that customers are less inclined to step foot into your physical store to make purchases, companies need a strong digital presence. It’s not enough to be digitally accessible; you need to be digitally engaging. Read more about what Walgreens has in the works here, and check out some of our own content on how digital technology can transform your business.