4 things every client should expect: An intern’s view of working at Applied Visions

Frank Zinghini

Founder & CEO

I’ve been working at Applied Visions as an intern for about two years. I’m finishing up my internship and preparing to transition into my full-time position here on January 1. During those two years I’ve done a lot of different work in several departments—graphic design, programming, mockups and wireframing, and information visualization design.

Working in all of those areas, I had the chance to learn what kind of company AVI really is and how it views its customers. Here are four things I think all of our clients should know.

Everyone is in love with our customers

AVI president and owner Frank Zinghini instills the ethic that the customer comes first. We do everything for the customer. And I think that’s why so many loyal clients come back, even after many years. We bend over backwards for them. That’s the culture. We’re always grateful that people recognize the good work we do and come back.

We’ve had previous employees who recommend us at their new job, and their company comes to us as a customer. I think that says a lot about the culture and the work here.

I’m surrounded by brilliant people from broad backgrounds

Everyone here is super-smart. They have a specialty, and they come at a project with design knowledge, but they might also know about the psychological process of experimentation, or have terrific programming experience. Sometimes they don’t know a thing about a problem or a new technique on Monday, but by Friday they’re an expert and could give you a four-hour lecture about it. I’m very happy just to be around them.

Across the project teams, people come from many different backgrounds. Most people have more than one hat that they can put on. Someone who is doing design might also be a computer scientist. Or someone who is doing human factors also knows about engineering psychology. There are a lot of different sources of knowledge here, and a lot of people who are good at many different things. As a newcomer, it’s been great to sit back and absorb everybody’s knowledge and learn all of the different things that everybody knows.

People are missing their egos

There’s always something that you need to resolve with your team—something you didn’t realize, something your client didn’t tell you until the last minute. And it’s great to know that you have so many other people around that will drop everything and help you as best they can, who will stay late or work over the weekend to make sure that everybody gets everything done on time. I’ve never had an experience where anybody dropped the ball or didn’t deliver on their portion of a project. It’s been great for me as a learner, it’s great for the rest of the company, and it’s great for the customer.

There are many people working at Applied Visions from very different backgrounds, and everyone works together really well. It’s been a terrific opportunity to interact with so many different people from so many different backgrounds who are so nice! That may sound a little cheesy, but everyone is very nice and they’re very humble despite their brilliant knowledge. And that makes it very easy to work with everyone and make things together.

There is a great work ethic in every aspect of the company.

Everyone drops everything to get the work done, and it always benefits the client. Whether it’s one of the executives working over the weekend to help a team get something done, or people putting in extra time to help other groups; everyone does whatever needs to be done for the sake of the customer.

Next steps

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