Applied Visions acquires Software Design Solutions to add top designers of Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Frank Zinghini

Founder & CEO

I’m excited to announce that we have acquired Software Design Solutions, a company in the Pittsburgh area that has impressed me for some time with their knowledge of IoT application development. Their CEO, Ed Kuzemchak, and his team of talented designers have the same professional attitude towards customers that we practice every day at Applied Visions, and their emphasis on IoT edge technology is a perfect complement to our own focus on creating centralized applications for managing data, workflow, and user experience with the goal of increasing the revenue and efficiency of the enterprise.

As many of you know, the “Internet of Things” is just that – physical “things” connected to the Internet, which can communicate with each other and with centralized monitoring systems. Quite often an enterprise – such as a local power company, a transportation system, or a retail chain – uses remote sensors to gather information that will help them monitor, maintain, and adjust their overall network of resources. Software Design Solutions specializes in creating software for devices running at the edge of this network, while Applied Visions specializes in creating the centralized applications that would be used to monitor, maintain, and adjust resources on the network – or to incorporate the information gathered into larger corporate systems.

Synergy between IoT development and custom enterprise applications

We develop custom commercial applications that run in the cloud, on mobile devices, and in desktop environments. Software Design Solutions develops applications for embedded devices and sensors, which interact with the kinds of systems and applications that we build. Our combined capabilities will provide our customers with end-to-end enterprise, embedded, and IoT solutions.

This is good for Software Design Solutions because, as Ed says, “Applied Visions has proven itself to be a leader in the industry and brings marketing and business development power to our company that will enable us to grow even faster. Modern embedded applications often require an enterprise-level or cloud-based backend for data collection and management.  The combination of Applied Visions and Software Design Solutions provides our customers with a single source for an end-to-end IoT solution.”

I founded Applied Visions in 1987 to build custom applications that meet the revenue and usability goals of our clients, that are visually exceptional, and are exceptionally usable. We have since spun off two business areas: our Secure Decisions division conducts cyber security research for the government, and is a leader in visualization for national security applications; and CodeDx, Inc. sells a software vulnerability management system that that enables software developers, testers, and security analysts to find and manage vulnerabilities in their software.

Software Design Solutions was founded in 2003. The company offers development services for embedded systems, workstation applications, user interface design, and software process improvement. They have developed applications for a variety of industries including medical, industrial automation and control, audio and image signal processing, transportation, retail, networking, defense, security, and consumer devices.

Together we will do some great things. Device manufacturers who want their products to realize the full potential of the cloud and join the Internet of Things can benefit from AVI’s experience in delivering multi-channel software systems to the enterprise. And when our traditional enterprise customers realize the value of pushing their products and services all the way out to the edge of the Internet through devices that their customers encounter every day, the SDS team will bring those devices to life.

For more information on selecting and working with developers for your upcoming app project, please download a guide for CEOs about creating great software from Applied Visions today.
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