Case Study: A paper-based company breaks into the digital age with a custom application

Frank Zinghini

Founder & CEO

Newspapers and print magazines aren’t the only businesses to struggle for survival since the advent of digital publishing. Greeting card companies have also seen their paper card sales drop in recent years. Fewer customers are sending physical greeting cards in favor of digital photos and videos. Such companies turn to firms like us for a custom application.

The Challenge – Go digital to drive revenue

One major greeting card company came to AVI looking to expand their business into the digital domain. They were seeking new products and tools to drive business and tasked us with providing solutions that would increase sales and revenue.

The Solution – Customer-driven concept

Our team consisted of a couple iOS application developers, a UX designer, and two Windows .NET software engineers for server and desktop development. We worked with our client’s designers and product managers to develop and release a series of iOS apps that would successfully connect the greeting card industry to the digital age.

One app we developed, called Soundpic, allows you to choose a single image and an audio clip from your video. Instead of sharing an entire movie, you can share the bite-size snippet of what you love. As an added feature, you can also send the image and audio to friends and family as a Talking Postcard—an actual postcard of your image with an embedded sound chip, which plays your sound bite when squeezed.

We also developed Baby’s Firsts, a free iPhone app that helps you collect and share special moments from your child’s first year with family and friends. You can convert the moments into heirloom-quality baby books and more.

Results – A new kind of custom application creates new revenue

With the development of these applications, our client is able to bridge the gap between the traditional greeting card industry and the digital age of social sharing. The apps are innovative, beautifully designed, and simple to use. Most of all, they make it easy to share important moments and sentiments socially with friends and family—the driving ethic of our client’s mission.

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