Fraud alert: 18 iOS apps removed for ad fraud

Frank Zinghini

Founder & CEO
Fraud alert: 18 iOS apps removed for ad fraud

Apple recently pulled 18 iOS apps after it was discovered they were being used by cyber criminals to conduct ad fraud. Unbeknownst to the user, the apps were clicking on advertisements, earning money for the criminals. A full list of the violating apps can be found here, along with additional details. 

This type of occurrence is a reminder of the work involved after your app is built. In reality, the work is never done. You have to monitor your app for security and know how to work with app stores, whether it be Apple or Google Play. This is why at AVI we always say it takes so much more than coding to create and maintain a successful app, and it is why sound business advice “comes with” the application development services we provide, throughout the entire product lifecycle. Most of the “gotchas” involved in app development happen because of business decisions made, not programming.