Go Digital or Die: How To Manage Developers & Other Tech-Savvy Specialists

Frank Zinghini

Founder & CEO

Many business owners find themselves having to hire and manage people to fill technical roles they know little about. This can make it difficult to hire the right people and even harder to effectively manage them. 

In an effort to help business owners, digital marketing expert Kristin Zhivago and  I discuss this issue in the latest episode of our “Go Digital or Die” webinar series. We take a deeper look at what we have learned over the years from our work on custom application development, web design, and more, in order to help more seasoned business owners navigate this new technical (and often younger) workforce. 

In the webinar, we address a number of tips and best practices, including:

  • The difference between leadership, mentoring, and managing.
  • The importance of staying agile, especially when it comes to application development. 
  • Why it is more important to hire based on character than on skill. 
  • The importance of understanding the basic nature of technical jobs you need to fill and manage.
  • How to hire a good developer. 
  • The importance of documentation and diagramming.

Watch “How To Manage Developers & Other Tech-Savvy Specialists” today and begin your journey towards effective management. 


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