Non-tech jobs in tech: Spotlight on Associate Product Specialist

Spotlight on Associate Product Specialist

Non-tech jobs in tech may seem hard to come by, but not at AVI. In our latest post, we feature Erin Lankowicz, a recent New York Institute of Technology graduate. Erin earned her degree in business administration with a concentration in management. She is currently enrolled in an MBA program, and set to graduate in May. 

Prior to working at AVI, Erin had an internship at a merchant services company where she rotated between various departments, including customer service, sales, and marketing. She also served as a student ambassador on campus, assisting with the admissions process and providing tours. While these roles are not directly related to the work she does at AVI, the communications and organization skills she acquired have served her well. 

Erin began her journey at AVI as an intern during her last semester of her undergrad program. She loved the company culture and growth opportunities available, so she decided to become a full-time team member as one of our associate product specialists. The exact job description calls for “a uniquely talented individual with a broad range of skills and technical knowledge.” The role requires her to be a proactive leader who is adept at communication, organization, and project coordination. 

Despite her lack of experience in a similar role, every day Erin uses her skills in customer service, sales, and marketing. Her prior experience serves her well  in her role as a liaison between clients and development. 

Erin’s daily tasks are rarely the same, so the job keeps her on her toes. One day she may be gathering requirements from a client, while another day she presents the requirements to the development team. This involves many different meetings to make sure the team follows the Agile process. Erin also writes acceptance criteria to help the developers understand the clients’ wants and needs. 

Her education in management and marketing gave her a solid foundation as well, teaching her about client relations, organization, and team management. Even the group projects she participates in at school help her on the job, as she is constantly working as part of a collaborative team. 

Erin also found her sports background useful for her career at AVI. She played both soccer and lacrosse at the collegiate level. Sports came with constant team requirements, from weightlifting sessions, conditioning, and team travel. Juggling these commitments with school and work armed Erin with some of the strongest time management skills possible. She is capable of handling multiple projects at AVI since she knows how to prioritize and organize to make sure things get done properly and on time. She is also an expert communicator who knows how to keep a team motivated and working towards a joint goal. 

We are so glad to have Erin on our team and are especially proud of her commitment and drive to earn her MBA. This additional education will continue to serve her well in her app development career at AVI.