PetDays app, developed by AVI’s Jybe Mobile division, plays along with The Hallmark Channel’s “Kitten Bowl” this Sunday, February 7 (the “Superbowl for the rest of us”).

Frank Zinghini

Founder & CEO

The Hallmark Channel is running a different kind of Superbowl this Sunday – its Kitten Bowl (#‎kittenbowl‬), where dozens of adorable kittens will be slugging it out on the gridiron to promote animal adoption. Those who are members of the PetDays sharing app will be able to get live, sporty photo challenges during the game, which airs February 7, 2016 at 12 Eastern.

PetDays is the #1 friendliest, pet-photo-sharing community you’ll ever shake paws with. This app was designed specifically by pet parents for pet parents. PetDays was developed by Jybe Mobile, the Applied Visions division that specializes in mobile applications that enrich your life.

PetDays inspires pet parents to capture photos of unique pet moments with fun prompts. Your photos can be quickly layered with creative designs and fonts and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Existing Instagram or iPhone photos can be dressed up with personality and uploaded in seconds.

  • For iPhone, iPod Touch.
  • Modern, unique themes and designs crafted by our talented and amazing designers.
  • Thoughtfully created by pet parents.
  • Capture all of pethood: from kitten to cat, puppy to dog.
  • Interact with other pet lovers and share special, funny, and sentimental moments.

PetDays sites include:

  • Web Site: httpss://