Custom mobile application

Situation: A large fitness franchise had been relying on a third-party white-label mobile app to connect and engage with their customers. The company was embarking on a larger digital transformation effort, and wanted a mobile application that would connect members both inside and outside the gym. The white-label app, however, was used by other similar companies and didn’t sufficiently differentiate them from those competitors. They also had a lot of great ideas for better ways to leverage customer data from the app and to create a more compelling user experience, but their reliance on a white-label app didn’t give them this type of flexibility and agility. 

Result: The company came to AVI for a custom mobile application, so they could control their own destiny and adapt to customers’ needs on the fly. We worked closely with the company, and the digital platform partner they were working with on other initiatives, to build a state-of-the-art mobile application with a new look and feel to match the company’s brand. New features such as the ability to open a new membership, refer a friend, and ID-card check-in helped increase memberships and improve retention. Pre-defined workouts with video demonstrations and calorie and workout tracking keep members engaged and loyal, whether they are working out in the gym or at home. An iterative approach to mobile app development allowed us to add updates and enhancements quickly, so the company can stay on top of customers’ needs and expectations. 

Infrastructure and platform build

Situation: A company in the insurance claims processing industry had outgrown their current technology and were in crisis mode. Their current infrastructure was no longer up to the task of processing claims and distributing them to insurance companies. The system kept failing, causing them to lose business and potential new customers. The company had been using a combination of onshore and offshore resources for their technology needs.They turned to AVI for a solution. 

Result: Despite the business being rather complex, we quickly came up to speed. We immediately implemented a strategy to dedicate one set of resources to buttress their existing platform, while another set of resources got to work on a long-term plan for an improved permanent solution. This two-pronged approach enabled us to stop the existing platform from crashing, so they could gain some agility and support new opportunities. This afforded us the time to design and build a modern cloud-based platform that will support them well into the future.   

Application development and custom integration

Situation: A credit card processing company needed to modernize their infrastructure. The work involved developing new applications, as well as custom integrations with third-party tools such as Salesforce and internally-developed custom systems. The job required people with various skill sets, ranging from web developers to software architects. The company didn’t have the in-house expertise, nor did they want to hire full-time employees for the various skills required for the job. 

Result: We analyzed how the business works and what their customers need. We assembled a digital technology team that supplied all of the necessary knowledge and skills for the job, in the right ratios. Our team consisted of product specialists, user experience designers, software architects, web developers, and programmers. Team members worked on the project as needed, saving the company from having to hire a team at a full-time rate to get the job done properly. The end result was a modern infrastructure that could keep up with the pace of change in their growing organization and compelling user-facing components that improved their efficiency and their image in the eyes of their customers.

Mobile application support—reshoring

Situation: A company that gathers market research data had a suite of mobile applications they used to gather data from consumers. Their apps need to meet the needs of a wide consumer-based audience, so they maintain both Android and iOS versions. The company had been working with an offshore development shop to develop and support the app, and things were not going as they hoped. The company was striving for four to five releases per year to keep up with changes in their audience and add new updates and features, but the offshore development company was struggling to deliver just one release per year.

Result: We took over the support and maintenance of the applications. In our first year of support, we delivered four updates, and we are currently on track to deliver five this year on top of releasing new apps. The company is extremely happy with the cadence of releases now, and is able to add new features at a rapid pace. The company can now generate and act upon new ideas for the app to improve their business. We implemented a rigorous but efficient development and test process, so the quality of the application code has improved since we took over, reducing the number of bugs reported by users. 

Custom software development and compliance

Situation: A company that provides meals to nursing homes was using a custom-built software platform to manage its business: orders, inventory, billing, deliveries, and more. An outside company had built their current system, and had grown unreliable over time; it was simply not delivering when it came to running their business. They further faced the challenge of a changing landscape of compliance standards for their business: they needed to comply with HIPAA and other security standards that had not been anticipated when the system was first built.

Result: Our team worked to shore up the existing application, addressing quality issues and improving its reliability and security. We addressed the need for new features by integrating their platform with external third-party applications and systems, gaining valuable new capabilities without needing to write extensive code. We also guided them through the various compliance processes, which affected not only their code but how it is hosted, and how they manage it. Their business has improved in terms of efficiency and accuracy, thanks to better software, and remaining in compliance with emerging industry-wide requirements has helped them retain current customers and attract new ones.

Software platform development

Situation: A  major sports league was using a software platform for event management that was just not agile enough to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of their industry. The current software had been worked on by a number of outside developers. In the process, it had become very brittle, and unable to support their needs efficiently. 

Result: The league turned  to AVI, and we helped them improve and grow the application. We began by cleaning up the current platform to make it more reliable and stable. We also worked very closely with them to help them develop a more Agile process, consulting with their business analysts and product managers to educate them on the Agile methodology. Now, as requirements change, they can adapt quickly, and they are more responsive to the various stakeholders that depend on them. 

Web development—online commerce

Situation: A manufacturer of power systems (battery packs, generators) for military and commercial use wanted to expand online sales and improve the user experience of their web presence. Their website was running on an older version of Magento. Sales were done via a combination of quotes and immediate online sales. The technology behind their current site was prohibiting them from adding the new features and functionality they needed, inhibiting their growth plans. 

Result: We rebuilt their website using the most recent version of Magento and WordPress. We worked closely with the company to identify and understand the customer journey. We created interactive mockups and worked hand-in-hand with them until everyone was happy with the new e-commerce experience. The fact that we were able to implement the new design using off-the-shelf components from Magento and WordPress saved the client a substantial amount of money over a purely custom solution. The new site offers a revamped and very much improved shopping experience. An improved user experience will help increase online sales, and will enable them to reach new niche markets.

Let’s work together and build the next best product.

Let’s work together and build the next best product.

Tell us about your next project. We have a dedicated team of engineers, developers, and creatives ready to solve complex problems.

Tell us about your next project. We have a dedicated team of engineers, developers, and creatives ready to solve complex problems.

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