Advanced Smart Facilities Management with IoT

The concept of smart facilities management—and the concept of smart buildings—have been around for decades. Smart facilities management (SFM) began with building management systems (BMS). A BMS is a computer-based solution installed in buildings to monitor and manage various systems, such as heating and cooling, electricity, and ventilation. Over the years, BMS has become more advanced with the addition of communications protocols and networks, but it has several limitations.

How the Right Code Impacts the Success of your Project

Software Dev Methods:

How the right choice impacts the success of your project

There are numerous software development methodologies available to build a piece of software. Using the right approach can make all the difference when it comes to hitting deadlines, staying within budget, and creating a product that is successful in the marketplace.

In this white paper, we review the six most common software development methodologies used today. This paper will reveal what you won’t see elsewhere, and will help you make the right decision.

Going Digital

Going Digital

The purpose of this white paper is to take a practical, tactical look at how to use digital technology to transform a service business and help it reach new levels of expansion and profitability. Real-world case studies are included to demonstrate specific ways these tools and technologies are transforming the way business can be done. We also provide tips to get you started on your own digital transformation.

You need to Build a Software Application. Now what?

You Need to Build some Software. Now What?

This guide will help you know what it takes to lead a software development effort. You will be able to lead your team with confidence, and spot common mistakes. This guide focuses on successful software development, written by a CEO whose company has developed hundreds of successful applications.